UPDATE 03/17/2020:  Health Psych Maine is committed to continuing to support our clients through the best means possible while following CDC, state, and city guidelines to protect our patients and staff. At this time, we have decided to continue to offer all of our services through teletherapy so clients can remain in their homes while still receiving services.  Existing clients will be contacted by the office or their provider regarding their next scheduled appointment to discuss how to connect to your therapist through a HIPAA-approved telemedicine provider that Health Psych Maine has been using for several years.  This allows both visual and audio contact between the client and the therapist in real time.  For this to occur, you will need a device with a camera (computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone), an internet connection, and a private place to meet in your home.  We will adjust our plan as the situation demands, and post updates on Facebook and our website.